Feature Friday and End-of-Year Patch Plans

Hey all,

We want to sketch out our patch plans for you for the rest of the year. Our work on the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc is reaching fever pitch, so you can expect smaller weekly patches leading up to the Tomb beta, which'll come either in November or early December. Once we put out the beta, it's likely we'll take a few weeks off from posting weekly patches until the Tomb feature arc is fully launched. After that, weekly patches will resume as normal.

That's it, friends. Be well, live, and drink.


  • Albino ape pelts are now categorized as trade goods instead of snacks.
  • Creatures glyphs rendered by Heightened Hearing now properly respect your tile/ASCII settings instead of always appearing as tiles
  • When a creature is being engulfed by another creature, if either one changes their phase, the engulfing is stopped.
  • The list of colors in the tattoo gun interface are now themselves appropriately colored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to sometimes become lost on a map that you had previously visited
  • Fixed a bug that caused reveal-all actions to not reveal the lower-rightmost corner of the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some trash rifling success messages to not display as popups.
  • [modding] We made several GoalHandler and AI classes public.


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Version Nov 02, 2019
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Version Nov 02, 2019
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Version Nov 02, 2019

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