Feature Friday - September 21, 2019


  • We tweaked the layout of Joppa.
    • Moved the sultan shrine to the map north of Joppa, near the graveyard.
    • Added a guaranteed shrine to Resheph where the sultan shrine used to be.
    • Added a dirt path leading from central Joppa to the graveyard and sultan shrine, and a sign to guide the way.
  • Added a new item: tattoo gun.
  • Added a new item: precinct navigator.
  • Added some new bracelet tiles.
  • Force bracelet now appears slightly more often in rare artifact loot tables.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while cooking with convalessence.
  • [modding] DischargeOnHit now triggers on thrown weapons and projectiles.
  • [modding] Added a new event, ProjectileEnteringCell, which gets passed to all objects in a cell before projectile impact occurs. You can modify the path during this event; any changes from index p onward will take effect. Returning false skips this cell's projectile impact.
      It has the following parameters.
    • Cell: the current cell
    • Path: the list of Points in the current missile path
    • p: the int value of the current index in the missile path
    • Attacker: the attacking creature


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